Seth Anthony Pinnock


At the age of 18, Seth had a vision to host the event called Midnight Oil. Its mantra was to assemble young people nationwide to develop their Christian faith and make a positive contribution to society.

Each year, Seth would use his student loan and money he'd raised bag packing in local supermarkets to platform dynamic and diverse creatives, with leading teachers and speakers. All with the intent to empower people to reach their best.

With thousands of annual delegates and 300 volunteers, the ministry he founded with a bunch of mates now hosts events designed for women, men, leadership and prayer as well as boasting its own community choir, dance ensemble and orchestra. Through partnerships, his charity 'Symphony Co' serves the homeless locally and provides free extra national curricular tuition to inner city youth.

From his school playground area to the Earls Court Arena, because of his commitment hundreds of young people have since become committed Christians, signed up to further education, re-connected with family, started businesses, volunteered in deprived neighbourhoods locally or abroad and even written books!

Now at 29 years old, architecture graduate, public speaker, singer and songwriter, Seth Pinnock has been cited as 'a young leader to watch' by the Tony Blair foundation and was awarded as one of the 'UK's Top 10 Black Students' at the House of Commons. He's launched his own clothing line, record label and design firm and has served as a consultant for many organisations in both secular and sacred fields.

Alongside leading the Chosen Inc Group and serving as Tearfund's Head of African and Caribbean Engagement, Seth also fronts the award winning gospel group 'A New Thing' which has toured the UK and Europe. Their first album 'Live In Worship' was recorded at the world renowned Symphony Hall and historically debuted on the top 10 of UK's Official Christian Music Charts - first for a genre of its kind.

From the mountains of media and fashion, to design, finance, education, property and of course philanthropy, truly for Seth the best is yet to come!

By grace, Seth continues to pursue his calling, to create platforms and build spaces so that all of us can better serve the culture, the community and the church.